Welcome to the Nova Integration Hub!

The Nova Integration Hub, an initiative of the Nova Institute for Health, is a web-based forum designed to empower a transdisciplinary community to share new ideas and ways of thinking, put research findings into practice and policy, and spark creativity, collaboration, and solutions for health and well-being.


After months of listening, dreaming, planning, and testing—we are excited to welcome you to the Nova Integration Hub!   

We created the Hub because we heard time and again that a space like this needed to exist. Colleagues said they too often worked in silos, in competitive and isolated environments, with limited opportunities for collaboration and integration. 

We heard that people working across disciplines wanted a dynamic, supportive forum focused on solutions for health and well-being — and they wanted something ongoing, available 24/7, not just at annual meetings. And we longed for a communal space that felt welcoming and non-judgemental — a place for belonging during these times of so much “othering.”  

The Nova Institute for Health is all about integration, creativity, and collaboration, so we were excited to work with our partners and colleagues to create just such a place. We think of the Hub as an online café where people from all walks of life can strike up conversations, exchange viewpoints, review each other’s work, forge unlikely friendships, generate new ideas, and develop collaborations. The Hub is similar to social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, but it’s been tailored specifically for us.  

We hope to engage a broad audience on the Hub — thought leaders, researchers (including early-career researchers), creatives, educators, clinicians, policymakers, advocates, community organizers, journalists, and young people — anyone who wants to make a change in the world. Anyone who wants to improve the health and flourishing of people, places, and the planet. 

Ready to jump in? We invite you to participate in discussions, join groups, post news and updates, and connect with other Hub members. You’ll also find activities to nourish the mind and spirit as well as upcoming events that will be regularly updated. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Meet the Integration Hub Team

We are fortunate to have a terrific team that has been developing and testing the Hub. This includes Dawn Stoltzfus, Senior Director of Strategic Communications, and Airynn Strout, Communications Manager, both with the Nova Institute, as well as Nova Scholar and Director of the Nova Network Susan Prescott and Nova Fellow Alan Logan (also author of our new Nova Interviews!). We are working with Fireside Digital to create (and continue to customize, based on user feedback) this unique platform.  

Please feel free to connect with us as you dip your toes into the Hub — we’d love to hear your feedback, thoughts, and ideas.


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