There’s Always More

This is a difficult topic. Most of the time we focus on material wealth which for many people is lacking. We have a disposition to scarcity. So, as we look for abundance we seek it through the lens of scarcity. We have that confusing statement, “as I think it so it is!” When we speak of abundance we should consider all aspects of our life. To affirm, “I am abundant,” is to very gently shift the focus and use tools like meditation and mindfulness to turn around to see everything in the light of abundance rather than scarcity. Yes, a very hard shift of direction. So, no rash moves and no taking unnecessary risks, rather simply allow the abundant energy of the universe to flow though every aspect of you, gently feel it. It will of course require a little self-management. That is the challenge, “as you think it – so it is.”

About This recording

These offerings are unconditional with the hope that people find something that helps them. All recordings are made with a ‘live audience’ in streaming sessions. They begin with reflections intended to offer a fresh perspective on aspects of life. These are then followed by a guided meditation. We invite you share as you like!

About Pathlight Meditations

These recording are made by Pathlight Meditations, which began to teach meditation-mindfulness in the 1980s after many years exploring whole person development. At that stage, there were few culturally neutral forms of meditation openly available, so they created something practical to fulfill this need in their local community in Perth, Western Australia. They included traditional elements of Intention, Posture, Breathing and Mantra based on experience in India and with different Eastern practices, adapted to be more compatible with diverse personal belief systems.


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