Strengthen Your Connection to Nature: 5 Activities to Try Today

Blog post by Courtney Jackson, member of Nova Scholar Sara Warber’s Mutual Reawakenings project 

Modern day life is full of networks and connections. Networking with existing or potential colleagues. Connecting to wifi at your favorite cafe. Engaging on a digital social network. Finally getting your work-from-home laptop to connect with your employer’s shared network . . . And the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, for most modern-day humans it is becoming increasingly difficult to find time to connect to the most important network of all: nature.

Connecting to nature benefits our mental and physical health immensely. We are intrinsically linked to the planet, and require a connection with nature for optimal health. This is a fact that many of us understand and agree upon. Of course, agreeing and understanding does not quite carve out time in our busy modern day schedules for nature. But what if the connection only needed 10 minutes or even less? Read about 5 activities that you can complete in 10 minutes or less (or more if you choose!) to strengthen your connection to nature. 


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