Integration Hub Code of Conduct

The Nova Integration Hub, an initiative of the Nova Institute for Health, is a web-based forum designed to empower a transdisciplinary community to share new ideas and ways of thinking, put research findings into practice and policy, and spark creativity, collaboration, and solutions for health and well-being.  

The Hub’s primary goals are to:  

  • Lift up and support a transdisciplinary, online “community of change.”
  • Be a “fire-starter,” a place where researchers, creatives, advocates, community leaders, clinicians, educators, policymakers, and experts in diverse fields can gather and collaborate to connect the dots among the many factors that influence health.  
  • Provide a welcoming and non-judgmental sanctuary to spark creativity, collaboration, and solutions for health and well-being—a place for belonging. 

We designed the Integration Hub to promote sharing knowledge in the form of creative ideas, information, inspirations, and various forms of commentary, aimed at improving  health and flourishing of people, places, and the planet.  

We created the Integration Hub with the Nova Institute for Health’s values in mind: heart, leadership, curiosity, collaboration, equity, freedom, and can-do spirit. We seek to model the types of attitudes and behaviors needed to promote flourishing—including kindness, respect, sincerity, honesty and truthfulness, generosity and reciprocity, open-mindedness, compassion, and tolerance.  

We encourage diversity of thought and constructive, respectful debate. The success of the Integration Hub is contingent on integrity and trust within its rich community, with each contributor committed to the Code of Conduct described herein.

Types of Content  

We welcome contributions in a variety of forms, including written materials, images, links to videos, and podcasts, or websites.

We anticipate wide-ranging contributions from many sectors and disciplines across the arts and sciences, and from a range of community representatives. This will generate several broad (likely overlapping) types of contribution, including, but not limited to:

  • Contributions to knowledge and information: this can include sharing of data, original research, systematic review, meta analysis, expert consensus—that has already been published (peer reviewed), or in preprint, or not yet published or peer reviewed (and stated as such). 
  • Perspectives, theories, opinions, discussions, novel ideas: this can include novel ideas for new projects and collaborations, new approaches, new ways of integrating or applying existing information—aimed at “looking over the horizon” of what already exists. 
  • Creative works: this could include creative writing, poetry, prose, art, photography, music—aimed at providing inspiration, contribution to change narratives, and (in some cases) co-creating through interactive events.
  • Nourishing activities: this can include more experiential contributions, such as guided meditations, food forums, yoga exercises, nature-based exercises, other invitations—aimed at building selfcare, and creating a caring and nourishing community environment for members.  

Criteria for Exclusion 

Content that undermines the trust and integrity of our community will not be tolerated, and the Nova Hub reserves the right to remove content in the following circumstances:

  • Harmful, hateful, culturally insensitive, discriminatory, obsence, profane content and/or content promoting offensive stereotypes will not included; personal attacks, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, violence, or harassment of any kind is not tolerated. If such content is posted within the Integration Hub, it will be removed. The Integration Hub prioritizes the protection of vulnerable individuals and groups.  
  • Novel ideas, debate and challenges to widely held beliefs are welcome; however, content that is completely at odds with known facts, especially known facts pertaining to public health, will not be included; the spread of misinformation and disinformation undermines the integrity of the Integration Hub, and such content will be removed. This includes deliberate attempts to misinform, distort facts, and/or misrepresent the opinions of others.
  • The Integration Hub reserves the right to publish only informative content that will advance the aims of improving health and flourishing of people, places and the planet; discourse and commentary related to primary content should be relevant to the primary content and the aims of the Nova Hub. Comments that violate Guiding principle #1 will be removed; any comments that directly promote a commercial enterprise or breach copyright will be removed.
  • The Integration Hub reserves the right to block or remove accounts of individuals who breach this code of conduct.  
  • Routine moderation decisions will not be reviewed; however, in certain cases individuals can appeal a moderator’s decision to the Integration Hub Administrators.


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