In this section, we share nourishing activities for inspiration and refreshment, including guided meditations, opportunities to share creative work, ways to connect with nature, and more. What types of activities would you like to see in this space? Do you have activities you’d like us to post? Send us your suggestions.


Still Waters

Guided meditation in many forms draws us away from our mental agitation toward that place where “still waters run deep.”

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a colored pencil drawing of a woman standing next to a mountain lake with the words "breathe it all away"

Breathe It All Away

We can become quite scattered, quite disconnected within ourselves. Finding a technique or creating time to ‘fall back’ into our inner reserve can be more than helpful.

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There’s Always More

When we speak of abundance we should consider all aspects of our life. To affirm, “I am abundant,” is to very gently shift the focus and use tools like meditation and mindfulness to turn around to see everything in the light of abundance rather than scarcity.

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Connecting with Nature


Greetings, Nova Integration Hub Community! We are thrilled to announce the launch of #Nova4Nature! This exciting, connective experience promotes nature-relatedness throughout the month of April,

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